Tales of the Laughing Lagac

A Late-Summer Day's Meeting (Part 1 of 2)
Act I

Urime 31st, 651 Romenstace marks the close of Summer and the morrow marks the start of a new year. On this day, countless travelers gather to the Elven Capital, Alame’a, for the Elelin Merende—the Elvish celebration of the New Year. This year is particularly special, as a new historian is to inherit the life-long responsibility of recording the events of Castaurum.

All manner of people from nomads to nobles have gathered for this rare occasion, including a young Tiefling named Allora. As she is travelling northward to explore the forests north of where she grew up, she stumbles across the throng of people streaming into the city and decides to see for herself what all these people have gathered for. As she draws near the gates, one of the city guard approaches her and asks to inspect her weapons (as she carries a variety of weapons on her person to hunt wild beasts). After inspecting the weapons and confirming that she had come for the hunting tournament (of which she had just then decided to participate in).

Meanwhile, a young Sun Elf bard sits at his harpsichord in the music hall at Istalindir, practicing for tomorrow’s ceremony (though not as diligently as the other musicians gathered there). As their conductor, Aimela Runda, is giving instructions, she calls out the young Elf to repeat her instructions (as he was clearly not paying attention). Rather than admitting he was not paying attention, the strapping young bard decides to play into his natural charm and flirt with the conductor. Sadly for him, she wants nothing to do with it, so he makes no headway with her.

Back at the city gates, a small carriage is drawing near the entrance carrying in it the Turnuroth Family from the Black Dragonborn Kingdom, Kuroshikyo. Aradace and Ingeir Turnuroth have brought their daughter, Nala, and son, Pious, to see what other kingdoms are like (and hopefully find Nala a suitor). Pious is in line to inherit the throne as he is the oldest son…but he has a few behavioral problems, as evidenced by him leaning out of the carriage and spitting on some passing Mousefolk nobility. This has resulted in Aradace and Ingeir considering handing the throne over to Nala, though she will soon come of age and must marry before that time if she is to take the throne. Nala is quite opposed to the idea of being wed to someone (especially someone of her parent’s choosing), which leaves Aradace and Ingeir concerned for the future of the Turnuroth line and who they will entrust it to.

The city is very noisy and crowded compared to the wilds, making Allora feel uncomfortable and a bit anxious. Luckily, she runs across a quaint little inn called The Laughing Lagac near the entrance to the city and ducks in to catch her breath and see about procuring a room for the night. She meets Linae Melar at the reception desk and works out a small corner room to stay in for the duration of the hunting contest. After settling into her room, Allora leaves in search of a quick meal to tide her over until dinner time. As she is walking towards the center of the city, she runs across a fresh fruit and vegetable stand run by Finn Walmond. She decides to purchase some blueberries and carrots to snack on as she continues her walk and promises to visit Finn again.

By this time, Nala and her family have reached their hotel—The Rising Sun—and have settled into their separate rooms (as Nala would like her privacy from Pious, which is only fair). After settling in and resting from their long journey (and escorting Pious out of Nala’s room), the Turnuroths decide to go downstairs to eat at the hotel’s in-house restaurant. Aradace has to head back to their room to grab his coin purse, but the rest of the family sits down to prepare for the meal. After looking over the menu and deciding what she wants, Nala looks up to see a young Sun Elf staring in her direction, clearly attempting to flirt with her in Draconic. Hearing someone speaking in Draconic, Ingeir shoots up out of her seat, looking to see what Dragonborn suitor the gods had blessed them with (and in such a foreign place too), only to find that it was an Elf speaking in Draconic. Ingeir did not allow this to deter her plans and immediately invited the Elf to come enjoy lunch with them. Despite not expecting the Dragonborn lady to be accompanied by her family, the Sun Elf man is happy to come sit with Nala and promptly places himself next to her.

As you may have guessed, this young Sun Elf is none other than our dear bard, Finnith FĂ«anor, whom we last saw miserably failing in his attempts to flirt with Aimela. To understand how he got into this situation, let us look at what transpired after his rehearsal ended. On his way out, he took a final opportunity to flirt (unsuccessfully) with the conductor again. Then, he proceeded to flirt with one of the other female musicians (also unsuccessfully), who asked him, “Do you say that to all the girls?” To this, Finnith wittily replied, “No, I also say it to some of the guys as well,” at which point everyone moved at least two feet further away from him. Despite all flirtacious advances being rejected, Finnith’s spirits were hardly down. The night was young (technically, yes, the day was late at that point, but you must understand that, for an Elf with a fear of the dark, the time shortly before sunset would count as “night”) and his spirits were still high and his stomach was empty. Luckily for him, Istalindir was only a short walk away from the fancy and flavorful restaurant at The Rising Sun. Thusly, Finnith traipsed across the courtyard and through the doors of The Rising Sun. Greeted by Smiling Face #1, he proceeded to flirt (quadruply unsuccessfully). Smiling Face #1 directs him to Smiling Face #2 (guess what Finnith does and how it goes this time), who offers to seat him. Upon sitting down, Finnith has a quite unexpected turn of luck. Finnith’s flirting strikes a note with the waiter, Leuthil Uranor, who immediately takes a liking to him.

It is at this point that we are reunited with Present Finnith, who finds himself sitting at the table of a beautiful Dragonborn lady and her family. Unbeknownst to Present Finnith, his flirting and apparent knowledge of the Dragonborn language has landed him a prime seat as Nala’s suitor (though only in the eyes of Ingeir, mind you). As he sits there, feeling pretty good about his situation, he directs his eyes to the waiter who has arrived at their table. Who should it be but none other than Leuthil Uranor, his waiter from the other table! As he puzzles through how to deal with the pained expression on Leuthil’s face, Finnith’s train of thought is interrupted by the words that strike fear into any young Elf’s heart when flirting with a young lady: “Now who do we have here, dear?”

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